Friday, August 21, 2015

taking it all in...

do you know this book?

I loved it as a child and I still do. Frederick - the lazy guy, sitting around while all the other mice are busy working to gather goods for the winter. well, Frederick is collecting different things. things like the warmth of the sun or words...

after a so far amazing summer - wherever we've been over the past weeks - the sun just sets a little earlier now, nights are cooler and school holidays are almost over.
knowing what's soon to come - shorter daylight, more grey and cold - I am feeling a little like Frederick.
breathing in this summer air, the warmth. lifting my face to the sun, closing my eyes - taking it all in.

yes, every season has it's something and part of me is happy we get to experience it here again. still, I am a summer girl! maybe because my birthday is in July, who knows... I just love the sun in my face, light clothes, the choice of fresh food the summer brings...

that's why now, here I am, sitting outside as much as I can. trying to get work done, still not forgetting to gaze up to the sky. take a break and breathing it all in - for that grey and cold winter days.

how's your summer slowdown going?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


well, hey there!

it's summer, it's hot, it's sunny, it's busy, it's fun - yes, it is my favourite time of the year :-)
most days we spend outdoors, away from home, with friends...not too much time left to write up stuff here...
but this space is not forgotten and ah, like always many ideas, just never enough time. and instead of rushing a few lines down for you I am enjoying this a lot:

Summerslowdown 2015 by Jessica

Summer Slowdown is free and open to everyone and takes place during the month of August, when we could all use a little reminder to slow down, reflect and really enjoy the final days of Summer.

This can be a tricky time of year for most of us. We know Summer is coming to an end and we want to fill it to the brim with experiences, and drink in every last drop of its goodness; but, we are also exhausted. Part of us wants a free weekend to just pull the blinds and take a much-needed nap, and the other part wants to run with abandon into the ocean and dry ourselves on the hot sand and stumble home tired and full. It’s when we give ourselves the time to rest and truly enjoy the endless days of Summer that we fill ourselves most fully to the brim.
find out more and sign up following this link:

maybe you still make it for todays Mantry by Lane Kennedy Levy:
in time. on time. perfectly.

enjoy the moments!